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It's Christmas by Andav Music Projects

It’s Christmas
by Andav Music Projects

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The It’s Christmas by Andav Music Projects Press Release

For further information please contact: Andy on 07931 296 024 or Dave on 07751 313 522
PRS Tunecode: 429743BU | ISRC Code: usl4q2006630 | Single UPC/EAN: 195448292077

Essex Duo Release Their First Ever Christmas Single

Without being in the same room, without a recording studio and using a free digital audio recording platform, a previously unknown Essex duo under the name Andav Music Projects have written, recorded and released their first ever single entitled It’s Christmas.

It’s Christmas by Andav Music Projects is an upbeat, happy, catchy Christmas song with something for everyone to enjoy including an easy to remember melody and harmonic sing-a-long chorus. The song also features opportunities for air drummers and guitarists to play along and those with Christmas party blowers can accompany the kazoo solo! It’s Christmas has a friendly, warm, family appeal – something to create joy and happiness into what is for many a difficult year.

It’s Christmas takes inspiration from classic Christmas songs of the 70’s and 80’s with hints of popular music from the 50’s and 60’s. Vocal harmonies suggest influences of classic vocal rock bands with 70’s glam rockesque electric guitars complimenting a solid, rhythmical acoustic guitar. And of course, as you’d expect from a Christmas song, there is a respectable inclusion of sleigh bells and light-hearted, whimsical moments.

The accompanying video, also created by the duo, features two main characters which represent Andy and Dave and an abundance of original drawings, drawn by Andy, all of which epitomise Christmas including Father Christmas in various chimneys, carol singers, a dancing, guitar playing elf, a Christmas dinner and a mischievous, cycling snowman.

Combined with simple but effective stop animation, the It’s Christmas video further encapsulates the warmth and joy of Christmas and provides all ages with the opportunity to listen, sing and dance along to a happy Christmas song with their young families whilst watching enjoyable, family-friendly animation that helps to encourage the magic of the season. Adding to the Christmas imagery is the single’s cover image of Dave dressed as Father Christmas during a charity event in 2018.

It’s Christmas by Andav Music Projects can be downloaded at and is also available on a multitude of platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon.

About the recording and release

It’s Christmas was recorded using the free version of a digital audio workstation called Waveform created by the Tracktion Software Corporation. The duo were able to share a file in the cloud and record at their respective UK homes during the 2020 lockdown. Andy wrote and recorded the guitar parts and Dave wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals and drums, between them creating a happy, upbeat, memorable and hopefully timeless Christmas song. No recording studios (Dave even made a vocal booth using plumbers’ pipes and blankets to record the vocals…and kazoo solo!), no expensive recording equipment and no session musicians – It’s Christmas was simply the result of passion, enthusiasm, creativity and many, many hours of work.

Deciding that the single was worthy of release, the duo soon discovered that it wasn’t a straight forward process and ended up forming Thatsatune Music Ltd, copyrighting their single, joining the PRS and signing up with a distributor to enable them to release their single on 30th September 2020, leaving time to promote it to radio stations, the press, online influencers, Christmas enthusiasts and across social media.

About Andav Music Projects

The duo first met in 1987 when as teenagers they played in covers bands together and formed a friendship that has lasted for over 30 years. During this time Andy has played guitar in numerous bands and Dave spent many years working as a solo singer-guitarist in pubs and clubs, until 2014 when he stopped playing altogether. It wasn’t until Christmas 2019 that Andy eventually persuaded Dave to become re-involved with music; and so saw the start of a collaboration which lead to the creation of It’s Christmas.

Andy recalls:

“In December 2019, after much reminiscing over a Christmas lunch, I persuaded Dave to slip quietly out of retirement with the idea of us working musically together again.

I had been “home recording” for many years and had a bunch of songs with no vocal tracks. Having recently changed my recording software, I was trying a free download which was working well. This gave birth to the idea of working at home on ideas; little did we know we were going to be spending a lot of time doing just that! We now had a setup with the same equipment at each end and cloud storage in the middle, enabling us to work on the same project without having to ever meet.

I was still playing in a band but had got to the point where I just hit a wall. I was fed up trying to sound like everybody else and thought “do you know what? I want to sound like me.” I had had this idea floating around of writing a Christmas song, like the songs I remember from childhood, something uplifting. I like music to be something that lifts you and transports you to a better place, you can feel it through your body and suddenly everything seems better for a while.

So, to the song. The original demo song “If only Christmas” started life much slower than the single version and still survives in the archives. But after a while, it became apparent it didn’t give me that required lift, so I upped the tempo to what you now hear, recorded the Acoustic track, Bass and a brass track and handed the baton to Dave.

Using the original demo and the new version, plus possibly a Hatchet! Dave fashioned a structure for the song whilst adding the drums and the infectious melody and fantastic harmonies. The song evolved over the next couple of months bouncing back and forth between us with new ideas flowing nicely. From my perspective, the instrument tracks grew steadily from the original three to the point now where I’m not sure exactly how many we ended up with. I do know that to reach the required sound, a purchase of two further guitars was required!

After completing the basic song, it was time to add the “Christmas magic” which for my part was the guitar fill and the solo which actually remained from the first demo. Next came the stereo over-driven guitars on the chorus which replaced the Brass. The guitar was also extended under the Kazoo solo. The last-minute changes for my part came with a frantic call from Dave, realising that some of his vocal intro and outro sounded way too much like another Christmas song. This resulted in me having to rewrite the guitar intro to fill behind the new vocal and the guitar outro to replace the original vocal parts.

To complete the magic, “the Jingle Bell” outro was achieved using 4-part harmonies on the guitar spread across the stereo field. Finally, my work was done! A Christmas song for all the family to enjoy.

And the rest, as they say, will hopefully make history.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and your consideration of It’s Christmas by Andav Music Projects.

Who knows, with your help it could be a very happy Christmas.