OK, yes it feels weird writing about a Christmas song whilst sitting here in the UK when it’s thirty degrees outside! However, as with any single release there’s a LOT involved, not least of all the release date and promotion planning so we thought it best to start letting you know about this new release now…

We are excited to announce that the finishing touches are being made to a new Christmas song for 2020 called It’s Christmas. The release date is to be confirmed as distributors are currently experiencing a backlog due to effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and consequential lock down period, but we anticiapate it will be end of September/early October.

What can we tell you about this new Christmas song? Well, it’s up beat, happy and fun. It features an-ear worm of a melody and catchy guitar riffs. This is all combined with great vocal harmonies and a chorus that everyone will be able to sing along to. We can see it being “that song” that everyone gets up to at the end of an office Christmas party and the song that everyone sings along to when it comes on in the pub. We also believe it has very strong potential for being used in film and television. We think it’s a GREAT Christmas song, but then we would…because we’re behind it 🙂 It’s Christmas gives a respectful nod to classic Christmas songs of the 70’s.

The artists behind the writing, performing and recording of It’s Christmas are collectively known as Andav Music Projects; a duo whose musical lives date back to the 1980’s when they formed their first covers band together. Andav, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a combination of their two names, Andy & Dave, and is one of the many positive outcomes of the 2020 lock down as it allowed them both the time to find a way of collaborating online and record new music – the first time they have written original material together…ever! And the tune they have decided to release during one of the hottest UK summers on record…a Christmas Song!

So for now…”watch this space” as we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the goings on surrounding the release of It’s Christmas.

It’s Christmas by Andav Music Projects: #thatsatune