Andav Music Projects have completed the video for their new Christmas song entitled It’s Christmas – preview of the video is below.

The video centres around two characters which represent Andy and Dave (Andav) and an abundance of original drawings, drawn by Andy, all of which epitomise Christmas including Father Christmas in various chimneys, carol singers, a dancing, guitar playing elf, a Christmas dinner and a mischievous, cycling snowman.

Combined with simple but effective stop animation, the It’s Christmas video further encapsulates the warmth and joy of Christmas and provides all ages with the opportunity to listen, sing and dance along to a happy Christmas song with their young families whilst watching enjoyable, family-friendly animation that helps to encourage the magic of the season. 

Everything is on schedule for the release of the It’s Christmas video on YouTube at the beginning of November. If you would like to support Andav Music Projects and the launch of their new Christmas song and video please, contact us.